Watercolor Art

We all see what we want to see.  It’s that simple.  It all boils down to which lens are you looking through at the moment…perfect, imperfect or perfectly imperfect.  Allow me to explain…

The original picture was not what I expected.  It was just another picture of clouds, sky and trees, and the pond at the bottom of the picture mirroring those images.  It didn’t depict the peaceful and spiritual feeling that I felt at this place.  As I stared at the image on my mac, I thought to myself…how could I fail at capturing the beauty of this place, this “perfect” peaceful place and not have it look…peaceful?

I went back to that pond, camera in hand, to get that perfect picture.  Crazy…yup, I know.  But…something happened.  I saw the same perfect image…imperfect…perfectly imperfect.  I didn’t need to take another picture because the one I had originally taken was perfectly imperfect.  It was there all the time but I just had to be open to it…to see through a different lens.

After cropping out the original trees, sky and clouds, I was left with the pond and it’s reflections…in the pond.  I rotated the pond to be right side up and voila!  This picture now reflected the beauty and peace I felt that day, while capturing the image of this place.

It reminded me of a true “watercolor” piece of art.  A view through “a perfectly imperfect lens.”

What lens are you looking through these days?

peace ~ s