‘Out of clutter, find simplicity.’ ~ Albert Einstein

That’s me, in the airport… waiting.  I’ll be there again next week, the week after that and so on… and so on.  There is a reason… a purpose…


“Life is simplified when there is one center; one reason, one motivation, one direction and purpose.” ~ Jean Fleming

 Life is busy… especially when trying to simplify it.  Simply put, I’m exhausted from trying to simplify life.  Working long hours, weekends, traveling… and keeping up with writing… is taking it’s toll.  Do I quit… give up… let exhaustion win? Not if I keep the goal of ‘simplifying life’ a priority.  To simplify life means getting through all the clutter… the flights, the shows, the maintaining of 2 separate studios across the country.  One day, the 2 studios will become one, in one location, one workspace… less clutter… simpler {sweet sigh}.  It’s been a work in progress and it’s finally happening. The vision is a reality and all that hard work will have paid off to make life a bit more simplified… for everyone involved…


Finding simplicity… making one’s life less chaotic and simplified… takes a lot of hard work.  Achieving a life of simplicity is far from simple.  Think of people who work all their lives for retirement… so they can afford for life to be… well, you know… simplified.

To do: Name ‘one center’ of your life where simplifying could benefit yourself and those around you. Write it down… make a goal… achieve it. Remember that simplifying isn’t always easy. Maybe your goal is to retire by age 60 and that will take a lot of hard work, saving money and patience. Maybe it’s living simply in your home, which also means working-to-clean-up-the-clutter.  Either way, have a goal, write it down and begin living a life towards simplicity…

… and the ‘rest’ will fall into place… pun intended.

xo’s ~ susan
my contributing post at Focusing On Life today ~ July’s theme: simplicity