‘Every dream fulfilled begins with a simple wish’

This is going to be a very simple post today folks.  It’s a quiet question between you and you alone.  Ask yourself… “Have I fulfilled my dreams… listened to my wishes… worked diligently to make them come true?  Am I living an authentic life right now… using my God-given talents… the talents that make me… you know… me?  And lastly, what more can I do to turn my wishes into fulfilled dreams…


Here’s to making all of your wishes become fulfilled dreams… one by each-little-one.  Write them down… make a plan… visualize your wishes coming true.  All it takes is just one little wish, one little heartfelt thought… and you are on your way to living authentically… a life of your fulfilled dreams… the way it is intended to be.  Never, never, never give up on your dreams.


xo’s ~ susan
my contributing post at Focusing On Life today