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{my post today over at Focusing On Life today}

It’s a pleasure to be back here at FOL and not just as a guest, but as a regular.  What a wonderful sweet way to begin this new year!  So excited!

They say a picture is worth a thousand words. I say…at least a thousand words!  That’s the beauty of photography! One click…one swoop of the shutter and there it is…an image that speaks louder than words.


Sweet photography. You make me smile. You help people connect with others…without the use of words…but through emotions.

Photography begins from within.  It’s our vision.  It’s us.  It’s who we are.

With ‘beginnings’ being the focus this month here at FOL, please share with us your visions…who you are…what you see when looking through the lens. Begin to photograph not just what you want to see…but how you truly see life around you. If you are joyful…then joy will come through. If you are hopeful…you will find images that bring about hope. And of course if you are frustrated…well…those images will come through, too.  But that’s ok…and it’s all good.

Click away! Have some fun! A new year has just begun!

xo’s ~ susan