crayola box

{my post at Focusing On Life today}

With the kick-off of spring officially here, things are going to gradually start brightening up.  Yay!  So, grab your cameras, head out the door, explore and while doing so…notice which colors draw you in…speak to your soul…instantly put you in your ‘happy’ place.  C’mon…you’ve got to have some favorites that you notice keep popping up in your camera. For me, I swoon over pale blues and greens that are in photos, together, like when the ocean just kisses the sky.  Ahhh…so surreal.

What colors draw you in?  A delicate pink or a bold bright cherry red? Take a peek at the photos below and see if one color speaks to you, maybe makes you smile a little bit more than another.





Happy spring everyone!
xo’s ~ susan