message in a bottle

“sign of life”…that was today’s prompt in “picture winter” class.
to find life, magic, hope…in the unseen.  to “remember that what
is going on beyond what meets the eye is sometimes even more
wonderful than what we can actually see” [tracey clark].

little did i know that a beautiful gift would be waiting for me at the
end of this assignment.  a gift that had not been opened in years.  i knew
what i was going to photograph…the itty bitty “message in a bottle” that
my daughter holly made for me, years ago.  i thought…that’s kind of
a fun take on the assignment…a little bottle with a message in it, to
represent a “sign of life”…yup…that will work.  and so, at the end of my
photo shoot, and some processing, i used the final image above for today’s
assignment, and felt pretty good about the outcome.

as i was packing up my camera, and putting the “message in the bottle”
necklace [it’s actually attached to a beaded necklace] back into it’s keepsake
box, well…i…got…curious…and opened up the bottle.  this little gift that my
beautiful holly had made for me, years ago…was a keeper…but i just couldn’t
remember why i got it and what it said.

the scroll was so tiny that i had to use my tweezers, and ever-so-gently pulled
it out of the glass bottle…untied the little black string…and opened it up.  as i
started reading the first few words, i knew…i remembered…the tears started
flowing.  oh my beautiful holly, with your beautiful words…the beautiful words
spoken so lovingly for your “pop-pop”…my father.  you see…my father died rather suddenly from an aortic aneurysm, years ago.  i was lucky enough to get to the
hospital in time, to actually get to tell him…”i love you” before he passed away.
it was the worst day of my life…the absolute worst.  i never really thought about
death until death made its grand entrance into my world, that day.

if you’re wondering where i’m going with this, well here it is.
after reading the scroll, and today’s prompt for the photo assignment, this
photo had taken on a deeper meaning and perspective, than before.
tracey’s prompt said “remember that what is going on beyond what
meets the eye is sometimes even more
wonderful than what we can
actually see.”

today…i felt the gift of my dad…a little “sign of [spiritual] life…
through the gift of this prompt.  and holly…my dear darlin’ daughter
holly, i know you get these updates…this one’s for you kid!  i love you.
here are your beautiful words, written in this little scroll.

holly's note on a scroll

peace ~ s