planning and preparing

A little lengthy, but hopefully worth the read… :)

Here’s to all of you making your dreams a reality in 2012!  Be the person who
wakes up every morning excited to start the day doing what you love.  Be it
a creator, mentor, parent…lawyer, teacher, farmer…writer, artist, photographer,
do what makes ‘you’ happy.   Can you imagine what a wonderful world this 
would be if everyone stopped worrying about ‘how much money can I make’ v. ‘how
much happiness will I feel’ in regards to career choices or changes?  {sigh}

In December 2010…I had a dream.  I also had passion which would be the fuel
on those difficult days when exhaustion kicked in from long days and sleepless
nights…working.  My goal was to plan, prepare and work hard to make my ‘dream’
become a reality by early 2012.   With the support from close family members, a
fantastic website designer, and a vision…the dream is not just a dream anymore.  

‘sweet gumball, inc.’ (yes…all lowercase)…a sweet, simple and
whimsical company will launch at the end of January  2012. {fingers crossed} 
It’s taken a year to get here, but am so happy that it wasn’t rushed.  I cherished 
every minute of the process.    

Cheers to all of you and making your dreams a reality for 2012!  If you need
a little inspiration…listen to the song below, hear her soothing
voice and beautiful words.  You will be inspired.

Believe in yourself.  Live ‘your’ dream.  Be your passion…

Here’s the song…‘Dream’ ~ Priscilla Ahn

xo’s ~ susan