“love”…one small word.  one large meaning.  it is the common ground for life’s existence as we know it.  the one beautiful thread, that links us all together.

“love”… is the light in our hearts and our souls.  the deep feeling and compassion we have for ourselves and others.  we feel it for the living…we feel it for those who have passed.  it is intense.

“love”… is always present.  it is a present.  it is a gift.  a gift we’ve been given.  love can bring joy…it can also bring sadness…such as the loss of a loved one.  it’s all part of the process, it’s all part of life, the meaning of life…to love and be loved.

“it’s a wonderful life” (my favorite movie of all time) where there is love…there is a way. give the gift of love to someone who may need it today.  donate your time.  lend an ear. connect with an old friend.  write a handwritten letter.  make a homemade gift. take your pet for a walk. share a hug, kiss or laugh…and so on.

so many ways to share the light of “love”…how will you share this gift?


ps:  photo is linked to shutter sisters photo of the day for “picture holiday” :)