welcome home

for many of us, we have that one special place in our hearts that we call home.  it may not be the ‘actual’ home that we reside in day after day…but rather that place where we long to be…which brings us closer to our authentic selves.  the place that says “welcome” on the door…and even more important…”welcome” into our soul.  it’s that place which brings happiness, contentment and peace.  it’s that place where we can exhale, breath in new life, see the world again with new eyes, new sense of being.

do you have such a place?  somewhere that instantly brings peace, happiness and joy into your being?  maybe it’s the home you grew up in or where you live now.  maybe it’s your favorite aunt’s home, a sailboat, or the hammock in your back yard.  maybe it’s a place in hawaii, italy or japan.  however big or small, near or far away…it is the place where you feel most at home…most like yourself.  it’s where the ‘welcome’ sign is, for you.

if any of you would like to share where your ‘welcome’ sign resides, please post! 

peace ~ susan

{note: the above photograph was taken at my mom’s (and dad’s…bless his soul) villa in hilton head.  so many beautiful, cherished memories here.  it is where my ‘welcome’ sign resides}