For the 1st time, I’ve decided to take a photo for the next 365 days, to help keep
the creativity in motion.  With everything else on my plate, I’m staying in
optimistic mode listening to that little voice in my head whispering…’I think I can,
 think I can”…successfully shoot something I’ve created everyday.  

“Create” is my ‘one little word’ for 2012 and I’ll be carrying this theme throughout
the 365+1 project.  Each day, I’ll capture an image of what I’m currently ‘creating’
and share it with you!  From photos to food…if it’s ‘created’ it will be here!  

The above image is a photo transfer onto canvas…a project I worked on today.
relatively easy just very, VERY time consuming.  Patience is a must!  If you are
interested in making this for yourself, here’s the link to the instructions at
“A Beautiful Mess” blog. 


xo’s ~ susan