new years eve

2010…completed!  well…almost completed.  there are still a few hours left
till the end of 2010, in this part of the hemisphere, so officially not quite done
with the year just yet. but…as far as 2011…”approved” and ready for it to
begin. :)

i have so many beautiful memories and accomplishments from 2010, along with
some heartaches (we all have them…that’s just a part of “life”).  as i look back
and go through my “memory bank” there are a couple things that stand out the most
this past year…the two weeks kelly and i spent in oregon, building our guitars (from scratch), renewing my love for photography…through which i found my authentic self, daughter got accepted to PhD program for social work, my sister ran her first sprint
marathon and got married…so many good memories to focus on…all i can think is…wow! what a year!

time to take this moment and say…to my husband, children, sister, mother, nieces, mother-in-law, lily…all family and friends, old and new…i love you dearly.  to my dad…you’re spirit is with me always.  to all of my photography friends at BPC…what an inspiration all of you have been…to me!

so…to all of you…i wish you a beautiful new year with great accomplishments, good health and lot’s of laughter along the way.  Here’s to making new memories in 2011! :)

peace ~ s