A few months ago, a group of women photographers asked if I would be interested
in joining a new blog they were creating called, Focusing On Life.  Of course I said
yes! Photography, writing, creating . . . YES!  Even with my business about to launch
in the next 2 weeks (been 1 year of preparing), the news of a grandchild (my first),
2 teenagers still at home and my husband running for Judge . . . the answer was
YES . . . count me in!

So, here is my post for today:

we are pregnant!

“Photography + Creativity =  Living In The Moment”

One of the joys of photography is capturing life’s little surprises in creative ways.
It’s all about seizing that special and carefree moment . . . the ‘memories for the future’
that don’t want to go unnoticed.  The moments when you’re camera beckons you to
pick it up . . . a little bit of ‘carpe diem’ being channeled through the camera lens.
To me, that aspect of photography brings such joy.  Living in the moment and being
lucky enough to capture it . . . a true high!

This shot was taken for my daughter and son-in-law to announce their ‘pregnancy’
{so excited} on Facebook.  Truth be told, I’m quite drawn to the creative side of
photography.  Whether it’s picturing the shot or processing it in Photoshop, if it
involves creativity then it has my full attention and find myself completely
in-the-moment. {sigh}

So my friends . . . what is it about photography that gives you a feeling of living
in-the-moment? Do you swoon over creating, processing and camera gear? Are
you drawn to Photoshop, Lightroom and Aperture? Or is it the sisterhood/camaraderie
of Flickr, Facebook, and blogs?  How would you complete the equation below?

Photography + (you fill in the blank) = Living In The Moment

xo’s ~ susan