21 gun salute

       how many times have you looked forward to something and it ‘not’ happen.  but   in    the ‘not’ happening…something wonderful happens…something with more meaning?  here’s a little july 4th story for you:

“yesterday, july 4th, my husband and i packed up all our beach items and made the 1.25 trek (walk) to the beach in the 90 + degree heat.  we were not alone in this trek as hundreds of others were doing the same thing.  for most of us, old and young alike, we were anticipating the excitement of the fighter jets doing a fly over the island…well actually, a fly over from north carolina to the southern tip of south carolina…hilton head.  the entire event was to start at 1pm and finish at 1:20.  well, we never saw it…and found out later that there was a technical glitch here on the island that would not let the jets fly over.  the fly over was part of a video that was being made and sent to our troops…to let them know they were being honored on this special day and not forgotten amongst the celebrations here, in the states.  the video was still made, just felt ‘disappointment’ that we were not a part of it and that we missed seeing the ‘birds’ fly over.

so…where is this going?  today, as i was working on my photos from the other day, taken on the beach, i noticed the photo above.  i kept looking at the beauty of the birds, flying in unison, almost as if giving a friendly, fly by…’salute’.  and then it happened.  the big shit ass grin came across my face, i laughed, and realized what i was actually looking at…’birds’ flying by…across the beach…21 to be exact!  it was natures ’21 gun salute’ to celebrate the holiday weekend.  i got it.  and…so glad my eyes were open to see it. 

sometimes when we least expect it…nature sends us a little reminder…that our troops, and the men/women who have fought for our freedom, are not forgotten.

peace ~ s