be still

It’s finally here…Kim Classen’s ‘Be Still – 52’ year long class of finding stillness…through photography and quieting the mind.  I’m excited…and a bit apprehensive. Work consumes my days…nights…and most weekends.  So ‘making-the-time’ is now a necessity.  Just as family, work, children and friends are priorities…so is the time we make for ourselves.  It’s time to…’be still’…at least for a few hours a week.  Thank you Kim Klassen for putting this class together.  It’s an honor to be spending some time with such a great talent…and kind soul.

For our 1st assignment, we were to seek an image that represents the title of the class… a daily reminder…to be still.  The image I chose above is one from about a month ago…during an immensely heavy work week at High Point Market in North Carolina.  It’s a little fuzzy, faded and weary…depicting our own energy levels at that moment.  After working for several days at the show, being on our feet from 8:00am thru 7:00pm in our booth…we had just ran a couple of blocks to catch the 7:10pm bus back to our hotel…our home-away-from-home for 10 days.  My sister and I had a great work day…met so many lovely people…but when we stepped onto that bus and collapsed into the seats…whew…instant relief.  It was quiet.  It was still.  And as I noticed my sister across the way…I captured that moment.  Life was moving by out the window of that bus…and she…she was still.  

I love this picture. It speaks so many words…and yet…is so quiet, so peaceful…so still..

Remember to take some time for yourself, to breath, to calm…to renew…to reflect.

xo’s ~ susan