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Embrace…my one little word for 2014. The one little word that found me…in various ways…and softly said…

“I’m your word.  Take hold of me with wide open arms. Embrace the journey.”

Big life changes are happening this year…already happening.  Just this past week I’ve embraced the spontaneity of…


…which led to embracing

IMG_4967 copy

While surprise and joy are such easy emotions to embrace, there are also the not-so-wonderful emotions to embrace that can come from…


…but what is life if we don’t embrace every moment, even the difficult ones…for it makes us who we are.

Two big life changes that I must embrace are happening this summer. My daughter and her family are moving and my stepson is headed off to college. It’s bittersweet. Even though I’m soooo excited for them and their new adventures…it hurts…I’m sad…and yes, I know it’s all a part of life.

Once again my word embrace silently speaks to me…

“I’m your word.  Take hold of me with wide open arms. Embrace the journey.”

And I smile…


What about you…your one little word for the year? Did it silently speak to you…or did it take some time to choose? Do you embrace your word each day and feel it’s presence…or not so much. Please take a moment and share. Would love to hear from you!

xo’s ~ susan

{special thanks to my niece catherine…love you}