mom. wife. sister. daughter. aunt. friend… and dog owner to lily.

live in texas. miss the beautiful seasons of new york. absolutely ‘adore’ the west coast. 

co-founder of sweet gumball, inc… a boutique greeting card company with studios in texas and georgia.

1995-2002: co-founder of “the little red wagon toy shop, inc.” in pittsford, ny.  feature article in edplay magazine titled “where it’s at”… click the link to read {ahh sweet memories}.

little tid-bits…

8/2010: traveled to portland, oregon with my husband, to learn how to build a classical guitar…big thank you to charles fox! wow, now that was a memory and a ton of hard work!  i loved every minute of it. truth be told…i had only played guitar for a year when i went, yet i was mesmerized by the whole process.  it’s in my blood to ‘create’…photos, art, textures…and yeah, even a guitar.

oct 2011 attended ‘camp shutter sisters’.  amazing experience. amazing women. i think all of us left there believing that anything is possible.  all it takes is a wish. a dream. a vision.  thank you to tracey clark and all the shutter sisters for putting that together.

hawaii, france, italy, canada, virgin islands, mexico… ny, ca, ga, mo, tx, nc, sc, fl, co, or, oh, la, vt, ct…just a few of my travels.

love to run ‘outside’ even in the hot texas heat (dislike immensely indoor fitness centers); cooking with my husband and smooth cabernet.

occasionally will find me on photo walks, riding a bike, taking a class, knitting a scarf (for the 1 cool month of the year) and creating… well, always creating.

frequently will find me behind the lens. a mac. my desk. a pile of files. a pile of laundry. 😉

photography & design from my heart… to yours.
a way to share what’s in my head. my heart. my soul.

all through my looking glass. my lens. my pen. my vision…
with you.

xo’s ~ susan

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  1. savannah

    love your sweet and simple biography here. i wish i could say so much with so few words like you… that is an art! you sound like a very interesting person.

    do you also play classical guitar? i could listen to segovia or parkening play all day long!!

    so nice to meet you, susan. will be adding your blog to my blog roll for sure!


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