heart love

"ingredients to a sweet life...letting the light of love fill your heart"


a recent question was posted in my photography class by a
fellow classmate named cyndy.  i found it so intriguing, that not
only did i answer the post, i felt compelled to share it with you.  it’s
a question geared toward photography, but i found it is more than just
that…it’s about asking ourselves if you have found your authentic self.
here you go…

cyndy asked (re: photography)…”have you found your style? do you push
yourself each day until you are truly satisfied? do you get that photographic

here was my response to her…
“Cyndy…great idea to ponder and share.  I believe we all have a style
that speaks to us…and when we have truly found our own style…we’ve
found our authentic self.  Our style is a reflection of who we are inside.
What motivates us through feelings…captured through our own authentic
lens, our perspective on how we see and feel each day.  As far as myself,
when I’ve captured a shot that pulls at my heartstrings, I want to share it
and hope that it will also have that same effect on another.  Whether it’s a
smiling face with gumballs, a string of hearts, or the word “love” spelled
out with light…it brought some form of inner happiness, a form of peace,
to me and my hope is that it does the same for the viewer.

To take it one step further, life is a wonderful adventure…but it is also full
of heartache.  We just never know when things will be good, or difficult.  My
favorite movie of all time…”It’s a Wonderful Life”…depicts this perfectly.
The story line, the family, the friends, the love, the ups, the downs, the smiles,
the tears…depicts the experience of “life” perfectly…and beautifully.  The
images in the movie (the original…yes…black and white) speak to me beyond
any that I have ever seen before.  It’s a tear jerker every single time…and at the
same time, uplifting.  It’s being able to pull all those emotions from me that I find fascinating…over and over again.  When I feel similar emotions, photographing
a specific object, then I know I’ve done well.

So…the answer is yes…I’ve found my style.  I guess that means I’ve found
my authentic self, too.  It’s only taken 40+ years to get here. But that’s OK.
Remember how old Grandma Moses was when she started painting…it’s
never to late…to find your style.  ~ happy Wednesday everyone!

so…i’m forwarding these questions for you to ponder in your own life…interpret
in your own way.  basically…have you found your style?

peace ~ s