Jan 10, 2012

[This is a copy of my post that’s also featured at Focusing on Life Group’s blog]

Every day I thank the universe for embedding the passion of photography into my soul.
It is through this passion, where I feel the most connected to…well…everything!  And
speaking of being ‘connected’…if it weren’t for our online photography classes, the above
photos and memories would not even exist.  Yay for the internet!

So…have you ever taken a photo walk with friends?  Set the self timer and jumped off a
bench? Posed for the ‘non-pose-pose’ to look like statues? Found yourself taking more
photos of your friends than the actual nature you intended to capture? For me…I adored
every minute of this walk focusing more on the silliness of the moment, and not so much
on the forest canvas.

Every once in a while, my eye would find a heart shape here or there, on the ground and
in the water…even a smiley face spray painted to a tree.  But, I still was more interested in
capturing the photographer shooting that image of the smiley in the tree.  Not only was
the tree smiling, but so was I. Big thank you to Kris, Angie and Suzanne for such a great day!

When was your last photo walk with friends?  Please share with us your images and why it
was so special to you.

xo’s ~ susan